Hello & Welcome to StratFi!

My name is Jeff Welsh and I’m an entrepreneur who has built multiple successful companies in my time. The most recent of which is a digital ad agency which we built from nothing to a seven figure business in a few short years. Fast forward to today and we now have a company who helps businesses around the country to promote themselves and convert traffic into sales. These companies have grossed over $10 million dollars in sales and are still growing!

But enough about me … The purpose of this site is not to boast about my successes. I’ve created a new venture in an effort to help others avoid the mistakes I have made over the years.

You see, helping others become successful is a passion. I thrive to help people become leaders in what they are great at. I love to help people become better by finding their talents and going all in on them.

That’s what it’s all about in my opinion. Yes, it’s nice to make money, but to help people become successful is more rewarding and if you do so, you will for sure enjoy the financial benefits along the way.

I’ve spent years building teams to help others. I’ve spent decades perfecting the craft of marketing and sales and I’ve spent even longer just trying to be a good person and do what’s right. Why? Because that’s what I love to do.

Now let me ask you a question. What special talent do you have? How can you take that talent and help others?

Think about it for a minute and write a few notes down on a piece of paper.

Now, what if you spent energy developing that talent to help others grow where they have talents that they can share. The idea compounds right? We can all help each other become better and live better in these unique times.

The rules have changed. We don’t live in the same world we lived in just a few short years ago. My goal is to help people just like you become better leaders by strategically laying out the plan to do so and help you execute upon your battle plan.

When done, you will have become a leader, made the world a better place and financially provide for the ones you love the most.

Now that we know what this site is all about, let’s get to work!