I Am Obsessed With Building Something Great That Will Help Small Businesses Grow

Jeff founded his new training business because he saw a need. After years of successfully running campaigns for businesses around the world, he realized there was a gap in the marketplace. Businesses often need help with their marketing and therefore hire agencies to fulfill this service. However, it’s not uncommon for these companies to not have a solid understanding of HOW marketing works in today’s fast-paced social media world. These businesses also, don’t know how to proceed with a strategic plan that works either.

This is the reason why Jeff formed the StratFi Network. His company’s mission is unique and focused on creating valuable training tools to assist businesses to grow internally and work more collaboratively with the agencies they hire. As proven through years of application, this way of working provides much better results for the client.

His education and training business’s mission and values are as follows:


To empower businesses with hands-on training that applies strategic marketing frameworks to create predictable monthly revenue.


We envision reaching every young action sports business in the country to provide access to proven strategies that create strategic financial growth. By 2028 we will:

  • Be THE partner to assist action sports entrepreneurs
  • Expand our footprint from a local to a national level
  • Achieve financial stability for our company and it’s 1,000+ clients


  • Strategic in nature
  • Financially driven
  • Always provide solutions to problems
  • Supportive to clients needs
  • Continually be of service

Our Why

StratFi Academy exists to impact and transform the lives of business owners by supporting them to reach their greatest potential personally, professionally, and financially.

Our How

We are recognized as the authority in helping business owners grow and scale through simplified business systems and mentorship programs.